Indianapolis Sleep Apnea Treatment for Couples’ Good Night’s Sleep

Snoring is annoying; that’s a given. Most of the time, it is potent enough to prevent sleep, and “victims” are left feeling exhausted from not properly getting a shuteye the night before. However, it might not just be affecting sleep at all.

A recent survey of 1,000 randomly selected adults conducted by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine indicated that more than a quarter of Americans are annoyed (at times even angered) by a snoring partner in bed. In addition, one out of five respondents claimed that the noise prompts them to get out of bed, with 10 people even admitting that snoring has hurt at least one previous romantic relationship. Moreover, 40 percent of women indicated that snoring is a turn-off.

Sometimes, though, it’s not just an annoying sleep-time habit. For some people, snoring is a symptom of a much more serious condition, and awakened partners might want to instead observe how disruptive the snoring is to their spouse’s breathing, instead of getting annoyed.

Snoring, therefore, is something that needs urgent attention at a local Indianapolis sleep apnea treatment center like Hoosier Sleep Solutions, and for good reason.

Most of the illnesses connected to snoring mainly affect the cardiovascular system. For one, stroke has been linked to snoring intensity. Stroke occurs when the arteries in the neck narrow down due to fatty deposits called plaque, and it has been found that the louder and longer the snore, the greater the risk for stroke is. Heart disease is also a potent risk, as excessive snoring often indicates obstructive sleep apnea—a condition which increases the risk of a heart attack by five times.

Fortunately, snoring can be treated. Experts trained to stop snoring from Indianapolis firms such as Hoosier Sleep Solutions make use of a method called CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure. This treatment uses mild air pressure to keep the airways open, preventing them from collapsing and becoming obstructed.

With all the aforementioned information, it can be safe to say that snoring, while potentially disruptive to a couple’s good night’s sleep, is also a rather reliable indicator of an individual’s health. Before letting it cause a rift in your relationship, therefore, try going to a sleep specialist first.

(Source: Snoring Could Be Hurting Your Relationship, CBS Local, February 23, 2015)