Meet Dr. Steve Green founder of Hoosier Sleep Solutions. Watch the video for a short introduction.

Hoosier Sleep Solutions invites you to dive into our sleep apnea and snoring website. HSS can offer you more choices to treat your sleep disordered breathing problem. Over the last decade many medical studies have provided proof that oral appliances can offer patients a comparable treatment to CPAP for mild and moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome.

Oral appliances can be a viable replacement therapy for individuals with severe sleep apnea who can not tolerate CPAP. If you are unable to wear CPAP for any reason, you now have an alternative therapy you can live with.

Dr. Steve Green has had the privilege to work and learn with some of the best Sleep Medicine physicians in the country. His passion for treating sleep apnea, snoring and sleep disorders evolved from his personal experience living with Sleep Apnea and using a CPAP machine. Dr. Green knew in order to deliver the best alternatives to CPAP therapy he would need to bridge his background in dentistry with other sleep professionals currently using oral appliance therapy. HSS was formed to offer these custom fitted oral appliances to everyone suffering with this disease or living with a sever snoring issue. Many may not know that oral appliances are insured by most major medical insurance companies.

HSS welcomes all new sleep patients and pledge to provide the highest quality care possible to improve your quality of life and health. Oral Appliance Therapy should be given equal consideration with CPAP for the treatment of mild and moderate sleep apnea. If, you are unsure that you need treated for sleep apnea or need a sleep study performed. Contact our office today to schedule your free consultation.

You can also take advantage of our sleep apnea questionnaire online. We look forward to discussing oral appliance therapy options with you.
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Meet Dr. Steve Green

Written by: Hoosier Sleep Solutions

Dr. Steve Green, DDS has heard the horror
stories associated with Sleep Apnea from
many patients and their significant others.